"TRACO" LLC is mounting, engineering, and manufacturing company which carries out works of creation of all kinds of machine installations. It was founded on February 11th, 1992 as engineering, mounting, manufacture and trade company. Predecessor to the foundation of "TRACO" Company was independent craft store "Karada", founded on December 28th, 1989.

Since foundation to nowadays, "Karada" and "TRACO" LLC has performed hydro-technical, thermo-technical and electro-technical installations on more then one hundred constructions within the country and abroad (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria).

Beside primary determination for performance of mounting works, Company "TRACO" on June 13th, 1996, acquired the right to manufacture laminated heat exchangers with rubber caulkers and automatic warm-transmitting sub-stations by the technology and documentation of LPM GROUP, through conclusion of the Agreement with Finish Company LPM GROUP.

Since October 2003, LPM GROUP has been operating within DANFOSS Denmark, and "TRACO" becomes distributor and service partner of the DANFOSS Company.

On 2005, Company "TRACO" becomes exclusive distributor of the Italian Company BIEMMEDUE, whose production program is consisted of air heaters, humidity reducers and professional cleaning devices. That way, within the company there are three independent as well as mutually connected entities: manufacture, trade and operations.

On 2006, products assortment of the company has been extended with one more product: pressure maintenance system (dictate system) which represents contemporary technical solution of the pressure maintenance process on given value in thermo-technical installations and power-plants.

Today "TRACO" is contemporary, functional and well-organized company, ready to respond to all tasks and to successfully be kept up-to-date with new technologies.


Ljube Davidovića 55/6
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 304 77 32
Phone: +381 11 304 77 34
Fax.: +381 11 2832 898