Laminated heat exchangers, by their construction and technical features, have enabled even at the very beginning of 21st century irreplaceable role in the assembly of devices and power-plants for remote heating of residential buildings and residential settlements, preparation of consumable hot water, usage of geo-thermal and solar energy, acclimatization of the air (condensers, vaporizers, heat pumps), pasteurization of milk, juices, beer, foodstuffs, in cooling techniques at the cooling of refined, industrial and thermal oil, malt, water, within pool techniques and floor heating.

Serbian Company "TRACO" and Finish Company LPM GROUP on June 13th, 1996 have concluded an Agreement with which company "TRACO" acquires the right of fabrication of laminated heat exchangers with rubber gaskets and automatic thermal-transmitting substations by the technology and documentation of LPM GROUP and right of representation of LPM GROUP on the markets of Serbia and Montenegro. Since October 2003, LPM GROUP operates within Danfoss A/S Denmark.

Laminated heat exchangers

"TRACO" LSL laminated heat exchangers with gaskets are designed especially for remote heating and in industrial processes. They are distinguished by big coefficient of heat transfers and compact design. They are fabricated of four sizes of pressed profiled panels LSL0, LSL1, LSL2 and LSL3 and delivered individually as final product or in device package (thermal-transmitting substation, pasteurizer, coolers or similar). Characteristics of laminated heat exchangers:

Characteristics of laminated heat exchangers
Characteristics of laminated heat exchangers

Selection and gauging of laminated heat exchanger represent simple and swift procedure as for "TRACO" experts as well as for direct participants: project engineers, technologists, orderers, users. Selection is to be done through the program of DANFOSS on the computer in all pursuant to given capacities and parameters, and in accordance with available and pre-defined technical information.

In the course of rational and fast selection of the exchangers for mostly applied systems of remote heating, we selected standardized laminated heat exchangers by operating modes:

Laminated heat exchangers with gaskets of the LSL0 type; 1; 2; 3 are fabricated on the request of well-known purchaser in manufacturing plant of "TRACO" Company in Belgrade and to be delivered individually as final product or within the devices (thermal-transmitting substations, coolers, pasteurizers etc).

Fabrication deadlines and delivery are regularly shorter then 10 calendar days, and in extraordinary cases fabrication deadline and delivery may be even shorter then three days. With exchanger, purchaser - user is mandatory provided with accompanying technical documentation necessary for installation, handling and maintenance as well as for technical receiving and takeover.

Installation of heat exchangers includes setting up of exchanger in its designated place and connection - connection to distributive network of primary and secondary fluid. Setting up of heat exchanger does not require special processed surface thus it should not be only flat and made of solid material. Special fitting of exchanger for its surface is not necessary.

For installation and maintenance of the exchanger special space around exchanger is not necessary. One should provide sufficient space for unobstructed access and passage of the maintenance operator.


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