Within the period between 1990-1999. company "TRACO" LLC successfully constructed thermo-technical installations on several hundreds of buildings in country and abroad of which we will single out following:

Year 1990.

  • Residential building in Oblakovska Street in Belgrade. Installation of heating for residential building for 35 apartments completely carried out in 20 calendar days.
  • GSP Dorcol. Steam boiler-room 0,5 bar 15 t/h with coal burning. Complete works in 45 days.

Year 1991.

  • GSP Vehicle base New Belgrade. Carried out works on building of gas boiler-room of secondary sub-stations and hot water pipeline, electro-motor distributor and automatic regulation and power management 13,5 MW in 150 calendar days. Unique energy power-plant in the country: combined remote heating, boiler and battery managed.
  • Residential settlement in Belgrade, Vojvode Milenka Street, heating, ventilation, primary and secondary sub-stations completed.

Year 1992.

  • Houses for refuges in Kovin, hydro-technical and electro-technical installations
  • Business and shopping center in Obrenovac.

Year 1993.

  • Residential building in Resnik, for 150 apartments. Installations of waterworks, sewage and central heating completed.

Year 1994.

  • Restaurant McDonald`s in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, building of heating and air-conditioning installation.

Year 1995.

  • Opening of the branch office in Russian Federation and beginning of works.
  • Residential- business building of 12000 m2 in Ladoska Street in Moscow: completion of hydro-technical, electro-technical and thermo-technical installations.
  • Central bank in Moscow. Reconstruction of buildings with fabrication of new installation of heating, ventilation, air-condition, electromotor distributors, automatic regulation and central system. Characteristic for this building is completion deadline (60 days) and exceptionally complex installations.
  • Kremlin castle in Moscow: design and software created, and mounted equipment for automatic regulation and management with the systems of heating and air-condition.
  • Exhibition room EXPOCENTAR in Moscow, installations of heating, ventilation, heating sub-station, exchanging station, waterworks, sewage, hydrant network, sprinkler, electro-distributing socket decks, electromotor distribution, sockets and lighting, lightning conductor protection and earthling.
  • Business Centre FORUM in Moscow, installations of heating, air-conditioning, waterworks, sewage, electromotor distributions.

Year 1996.

  • Heating station in Zelenogorad in Russian Federation. Automatization and dispatching works for 20 heating transmitting of heating power 5 to 20 MW.
  • Unique manufacture program in the region of Yugoslavia. Beginning of manufacture of laminated heat exchangers with gaskets, automatic heat-distributing sub-stations, and automatic motorless pumps.

Year 1997.

  • Foundation of partner company ZAO SP "ELTRA" in the town Elista, republic of Kalmikija in Russian Federation by the proposition of the Ministry of construction of RK in the course of construction of buildings for 33rd Chess Olympiad. Founders are four companies from RK and company "TRACO".
  • April 1st 1997, ZAO SP "ELTRA" in the capacity of general contractor begins with the work on construction of residential buildings. On December 6th 1997, commenced works on construction of building in which Chess Olympiad competition was held. In 1997 and 1998, on the building "CITY CHESS" in Elista, construction works, construction-craft works and installation works has been completed. Buildings have total area of 40000 m2.

Year 1998.

  • Mass production, manufacture of laminated heat exchangers for the heating system of the town of Pozarevac of total of 30 MW.

Year 1999.

  • Technical and overhaul institute - Kragujevac, fabrication of installations and power-plants for technological needs. Complete structure of the company was utilized.