Automatic thermal-transmitting substation represents contemporary technical solution of energy plant in the remote heating system. It is assembled of parts (modules) in packaged unit in all pursuant to the user's demand. High effective heat exchanger, reliable automation resources, compact regulator of differential flow and pressure, commercial technological gauge of heat and water consumption with circular pumps provide the most efficient heat exchanging, rational usage of energy and comfort.

Automatic thermal-transmitting substations may be installed in newly-built and renovated buildings. They provide demands of heating, air-conditioning and preparation of consumption of hot water for family houses, residential, business and industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, residential settlements, shopping centres etc.

Technical data
    Automatic thermal-transmitting substation
  • Maximal permitted working temperature 150C150C
  • Nominal pressure 1.6 / 2.5 MPa
  • Range of heating power 10 - 15000 kW
Purpose and types of ATP
  • heating up to 5000kW5000kW
  • Preparation of 5000kW
  • Heating and preparation of PTV up to 10000kW


  • Belgrade, Subotica, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Krusevac, Vrsac, Lazarevac